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December 14 2014

MRS PAT BAXTER RIP The funeral is to take place on Tuesday, 16th December 2014 with a requiem mass to be held at St Mary's Church , Cadogan Street at 11am followed by the cremation at Mortlake Crematorium at 12.40pm. Pat was a wonderful parishioner for nearly 60 years. We send our love and prayers to her husband and family.

MALCOLM COTTLE started his musical career as a choirboy at St Paul's Cathedral and he was very proud to have sung at the Coronation in 1953. In addition to his knowledge of the Anglican musical tradition, his consummate flexibility was demonstrated by his also being Musical Director of the Southgate and the North London Progressive Synagogue communities to the current day. He came to St Marys in 1989 and, in his 25 years with us, Malcolm improved the musical standard immeasurably. He took the Latin Choir from a group of 5/6 singers nervously singing, always supported by the organ, to a polyphonic group with a large repertoire of Masses and Motets from all periods. His musicianship was truly astounding, able to pick out and sing a note from any line (inc Soprano!) when one part went wrong and then go back to singing whatever his own line might be on that occasion. He taught us all so much and was never phased by our regular moaning and bad tuning - usually ignoring it -- until we could all continue with the intrinsic part of a good Catholic choir -- the 'decant to the pub!’ A great friend to us all -- we will miss him terribly.

Rest in peace, Malcolm -- and keep the Choir 'up there' on their toes!

Malcolm's Funeral is here on 22nd December at 2pm.

December 6 2014

It is with great sorrow that we advise that our Director of Music  for 25 years Malcolm Cottle died unexpectedly on Saturday 6th December. A wonderful musician and teacher -- and a great friend to us all. We will miss him terribly. Requiescas in pace, Malcolm

Further details will be advised with regard to funeral arrangements

October 5 2014

A FACE TO THE NAME: Canon Stuart intoduced and welcomed our new seminarian JOE McCAY to parishioners at each Mass on Sunday. He explained, to great amusement, how pleased he was to have another Yorkshireman and someone of similar stature to himself in the Parish!  Joe, we welcome you with all our hearts !

September 21 2014

A NEW SEMINARIAN TOO ! : I am glad to say that the Seminary have continued to bless our parish by sending us a Seminarian. We gain so much from our Seminarians and we hope they get lots from us. Joe McCay will be coming to us on the weekend of September 28th. We look forward to meeting him.

September 14 2014

A NEW PRIEST: The Cardinal has appointed an assistant priest to our parish. From October Fr Stewart (how will we cope with two of us?) Keeley is coming to us. At present he works in the Diocese of Lancaster and he will serve at Cadogan Street for the foreseeable future. I know Fr Stewart a little bit and I must say I am happy to have him as a colleague. He will be a welcome addition and take some of the pressure off me especially as he is an experienced priest and knows well the demands and joys of parish life. I am sure he will tell us a little more about himself in the weeks ahead but for now please pray for him. Fr Stewart you are very welcome. We welcome you and bless God for you

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