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April 6 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel, Mark, Leah, Sophia, Lino and Charmaine who will receive their altar server medals this weekend and be admitted to The Guild of St. Stephen. Congratulations also to Ezane, Davide and Taylor who are now senior servers.

March 16 2014

BAPTISM: We welcome to the family of the Church Adina Taufig. May God bless her and her family.

OUR CONDOLENCES to the family of Manuela Bianchi who died recently, leaving behind
a husband and three young children. Please pray for her and for them.

March 9 2014

BAPTISM: We welcome to the family of the Church Timothy Sebastian. May God bless him and his family.

January 12 2014

BAPTISM: We welcome Gabriel Modaresi and Omar Gayle to the family of the Church. May God bless them and their families.

January 5 2014

BAPTISM: We welcome Marley Bella Viney to the family of the Church. May God bless her and her family.

December 22 2013

BAPTISM: We welcome Georgia Hinton and Elena Moloney to the family of the Church. May God
bless them and their families.

December 15 2013

A MESSAGE FROM FR INNOCENT: I am gradually settling down and trying to understand my new office, the Directorate of the Lay Apostolate Centre in the Archdiocese of Lagos. Kindly remember me in your Masses as I will always do for you too. Thank you for all your love and care and most importantly, the opportunity of the pastoral lessons I gained working with you and the beloved people of St. Mary Cadogan. I extend my love to them all.

BAPTISM: We welcome Arabella Shaw, Christian Tricerri and Allegra Astor to the family of the
Church. May God bless them and their families.

December 1 2013

It was wonderful to see Father Innocent Opogah briefly back at St Marys on Sunday. He wrote to us after he left saying:

It was a very interesting time I had at St. Mary Cadogan. It was quite challenging and sometimes too demanding as parish works always unavoidably had to come in the way of academics. However these challenges only brought out the best in me as I saw them not as obstacles but as stepping stones. 
Canon Wilson, the Parish Priest, a hard working Pastor, a dynamic leader and hard working character is not one who would entertain laziness and sluggishness. I need not say more about my experience with him.  As for the Parishioners it was a family based community where everyone had the opportunity to be involved in spiritual and social affairs. Hence I totally had a very interesting time with them. 
I thank God I came to the UK to study. I thank God I worked in a vibrant parish and I thank God for the experience I gained which will make me a better person. 
Thank you for your love.

BAPTISM: We welcome to the family of the Church Ignacio Munoz Montes. May God bless him and his

November 24 2013

WELCOME THIS WEEK TO FR. JOHN of the Legionaries of Christ who replaces Fr. Michael
Mullan. Fr. John will be with us for a few days and will assist with the celebration of Mass

BAPTISM: We welcome to the family of the Church Sergio Mendes-Fonseca, James Haig-Thomas
and Sophie Ribeiro. May God bless them and their families.

November 10 2013

A WARM WELCOME to Deacon KEVIN GRADWELL from our Seminary, who will be working in our parish and be with us on Sundays.

October 27 2013

CONGRATULATIONS & FAREWELL: Our good parishioner and Eucharistic Minister Tijo Mathew was married recently in India. Congratulations to him and his wife Anu. Sadly for us, married life means that he must now move to a new part of London. We wish him and Anu well in their new life and thank them for all they have done.

October 20 2013

FAREWELL TO FR INNOCENT: Canon Stuart writes: Fr. Innocent has let me know that he will be returning to Lagos at the end of the month. He has been with us for 13 months and I know he has become a favourite of many of you. Next Sunday (27 th) is his last Sunday and he will celebrate both the 10am Mass and the 6.30pm Mass and after each Mass, we will say goodbye to him by toasting his health.

October 13 2013

BAPTISM: We welcome to the Church James Wooler and Beatrice Ononye. May God bless them,
their parents and their families.

October 6 2013

: Fr Adrian will be with us for the next few months as he takes up some studies at Heythrop College. Fr Adrian is an experienced priest from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle and he will be a welcome addition to our parish life.


September 29 2013

SALVE ET AVE: This Sunday we say good bye to Adam Dora who has been living with us for the last month. Adam returns to the English College in Rome to begin his third year of study. It has been nice to have Adam amongst us and he has fitted in very well. His quiet ways are gentle and it means he has popped up in all sort of places without making a great fuss. He has been faithful at Mass, has attended school, visited the elderly and made home communion visits. He shadowed me on hospital visits and the commendation of the dying. He has done us a wonderful job in clearing up our basement area so that we can all use it again and we owe our lovely mowed lawn to him. We wish him well and hope he will come to see us again and one day, please God, we shall receive the invitation to his ordination. Thanks Adam and good luck.

Marco Salvagnini arrives today as our new Seminarian for the year. Marco, like Matteo last year, is from the Seminary of Redemptorist Mater but doing his studies at Allen Hall. I know we will make him welcome. Marco we greet you in the name of the Lord.

September 22 2013


THANKS Fr MICHAEL: Fr Michael Mullan LC celebrated the Solemn Mass today . It will be the last time in our parish for the foreseeable future. Fr. Michael has been a wonderful friend to St Mary’s Parish and we thank him for everything. Now he goes to Washington DC to study. We wish you well Fr. Michael and go in the name of the Lord.


We welcome Fr. John Pietropauli who comes to look after the Regnum Christi people in London.
We wish you well Father John.


August 4 2013

BAPTISM: We welcome to the family of the Church, Olivia Tomala and Maximilian Abletshauser.
May God bless them and their families. We also bless God for the baptism of
Benjamin Rafferty,
baptised in Australia recently.


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