Update: June 2016

119 pledges are active, and the support received from the donations in the Growing in Faith programme is greatly appreciated. We recently received £66,000 from our accumulated fund and this is being used for the ongoing refurbishment of the parish Almshouses on Cadogan Street. The Trustees and Residents are grateful for the support given by parishioners and friends of our parish. £210,000 is the total designated for work on the Almshouses and a further £200,000 for the next phase of our church refurbishment project – lighting and redecoration of the interior, now that the heating and new floor have been completed.


Conclusion of Program 2013

We have just received the latest figures for our parish. 120 parishioners have promised to give £908,885 over the next 5 years. This is a terrific achievement and I can only say thank you. I know there are one or two people who still might give but this is a terrific total.

When we spoke to you about the parish element of Growing in Faith (which will amount to
£550,000) we told you that it would be for two projects. The first would be the refurbishment of the Alms Houses which will cost about £210,000. This is on track and the Trustees of the Alms Houses are talking about getting underway this year if possible.

The second request was for money to fund part of our Church refurbishing project in particular the lighting phase. When we talked to you all about this we were in an early stage of planning. Now we have firm figures and also a possible start date in late June. The plan had been to do the lighting first but our professionals now advise us that we should do the heating and the floor first. Consequently the way the scheme will work and be financed has changed. It means that we will need to use some of our Growing in Faith money to help finish off the heating and floor work first with the balance being applied towards the lighting work. We hope that you will agree to this as it will mean that we shall not have to do any extra fund raising for a couple of years.

It is important that we are transparent with you about this and ask for your good will. If you have any questions you can ask me or any of the Finance Committee members or you can email the Chair of the Growing in Faith Committee, Fr David Evans (davidevans@rcdow.org.uk) who have given us permission to make this variation.


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